A Brussels that gives breathing space to its inhabitants and gives them the opportunity to live without worries. A city where politics is done in a different way, starting from the potential and needs of the people of Brussels. We want a system where the people and the city council work hand in hand, in constant exchange and on an equal basis. The achieve this we have work out a new participation model.


  • A city where we do not suffocate in polluted air.

  • A city full of car-free squares and lots of greenery.

  • A city where initiatives by residents are encouraged and not crippled (made impossible). 

  • A city that gives children and youngsters room to breathe: the time and space to

  • play and develop their talents at their own pace.

  • A city that cherishes its artists and breathes creativity in everything it does.

  • A city where you can both indulge (be entertained) and unwind.


  • A city where everyone can move freely and happily in its public space, without receiving  nasty comments or any kind of aggression.

  • A city where you can safely walk and cycle without risking to be swept of the road by a road pirate.

  • A city where housing is affordable and everyone has a decent roof over their heads.

  • A city that gives opportunities and creates opportunities, so that nobody has to lie awake at night from (a lack of) diplomas, finding a job or the pile of unpaid bills.

  • A city that will take care of you when you are sick, get older or you go to some rough times. 


  • Voting once every six years and keeping silent for the rest: that is no longer of this time.

  • It is essential that people can have confidence in their (city) government. Today more and more people are turning away from 'politics'. They engage themselves in other ways for their city (or become cynical and indifferent).

  • That is why we want to completely change the way in which decisions are made in this city. We developed a participation model that starts from the potential and the needs of the residents, where decisions are not imposed, but grow organically from below.

  • We believe everyone can and should be involved in politics, no matter her/his gender, age, background, status, insider knowledge or time available.