Resident parking only above ground

Visitors will no longer be allowed to park their cars above ground in the Pentagon. There is enough space in existing underground car parks. Improved signposting will guide visitors to these. Only residents, people with disabilities or those with an exemption card will still be able to park above ground. Deliveries to residents and businesses will of course still be permitted. In districts outside the Pentagon such as Laeken where there is a lot of pressure on above ground parking and few car parks, we will investigate whether additional car parks should be built; as well as making best use of car parks belonging to the city (such as Parking C) and seeking agreement with the owners of private car parks (such as the Brico in Laeken) to reduce the amount of lorries and other large commercial vehicles parking on the streets at night and on weekends. Double parking, parking on a zebra crossing or on cycle lanes, or blocking traffic will no longer be tolerated and will be fined.