A more efficient and customer friendly administration

We want a more efficient and customer friendly administration. In concrete terms this means:

  • Bilingual and preferably multilingual staff. Documents should also be available in English, and counter staff should be able and allowed to communicate in English.

  • As far as possible, people should be able to do their business with the City online. We should reduce the need for people to visit the administration and to spend their time waiting in queues. When people do have to visit the administration hours should be more convenient.

  • Beyond this Brussels must become a smart city which makes best use of the enormous amount of data which it holds for the benefit of citizens. For examples of what is possible, see Amsterdam.nl/data.

  • When people contact the administration they should receive an acknowledgement within 2 days which either provides the answer or give us a clear indication of when the correspondent can expect one.

  • The decentralized "antennas" should be upgraded to offer full service.

For the staff of the administration we want:

  • Management based on trust and not only on hierarchy

  • a diverse and motivated workforce.